Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Fall into Autumn

hello lovlies!!

how is your day going? have you brought out all those big comfy sweaters yet?? or are you still in denial that summer is..........OVAH?!

yes, autumn is upon us but that doesn't mean everyone is feeling hunky dorey about it . 

the L.U.B sistahs have decided that there are two very different kinds of people around these sudden and sneaky season changes; ones that embrace the sudden crisp air and those that feel they are losing their warm air friend as it takes an eight month trip to the southern hemisphere.

which one of the following would you describe yourself as ... ??

the jack o' lunatic [noun.] -  most frequently seen from miles away with their extensive collection of autumn accessories, that include (but are not limited to) orange clothing, pumpkin drinks, 'warm fire glaze ambiance' scented candles and carrying around an early stash of Halloween candy. May be seen eating squash, pumpkin seeds and fresh apples while holding clove essential oil under their nose. They frequently wear so many big sweaters you have to wonder if it's your grandma. Rain boots are a must. You can usually see them pulling out a comfy blanket and cuddling anywhere they fancy (subway trains, lecture halls, grocery store etc.) They cannot stop talking about pie 
and when you ask how they're going to eat all that pie and still fit in their new, cute autumn pants, they simple reply, "it's bulking season kkkkkkkkk"

we love our jack o' lunatics !! they keep up with the times and help ease the painful transition for those sentimental summer sistahs.

that brings us to...

the floral fanatic [noun.] - most easily recognized by the bright colours they wear as they refuse to retire into blacks and navys. can be spotted wearing flip flops or sandals on rainy days (the wet tootsies remind them of the ocean). they employ a constant whine that talks about being more carefree and lighthearted during the sunshine days. wavy beach hair is still a must. they can be seen wearing sunglasses even on the gloomiest days. rain? wind? chilly out? -they will be ordering an iced coffee. they are forced to instagram pics of chrysanthemums because they're pretty much the only flower still out. you may wonder if their internal thermometer is off, but no, all of this is just a coping mechanism.

so whether you're lovin this autumn thing or not so much remember:
we're all in this TOGETHER !!
sam x aman


  1. Love your blog so far! The cutie graphics are to die for!
    Can't wait for more posts <3
    For me, I'm totally a jack o lunatic but unfortunately I live in Hawaii where it is perpetually summer except the few "storms" aka "hurricane warnings" we get a couple times a year. So most fall-type things are severely impractical :(

  2. Thank you so much nikki! we are so glad to have you in our LUB family c:
    sending you an abundance of pumpkin spiced hugs and kisses to raise ur jack-o-luncatic spirit in Hawaii. much love.

  3. though i live in a tropical country, i think i would be the jack o' lunatic type!

  4. I am so the Jack o' Lunatic. It's pretty pathetic how much I love this season.

    1. we are with u sister! praise dem pumpkins!

  5. Jack O' Lunatic all the way! White skies and light drizzle's makes me happy :)

    1. high five! the rain is my saviour!
      much love

  6. I live in a tropical country so its still summer here, i get jealous of the people who get to experience autumn :(

    Visit my blog:

    1. awe:( well if you have a fuzzy sweater and some warm tea you're half way there! thanks for checking out lub:)

  7. hmm.. maybe I'm a mix of both.. not totally into fall/autum pumpkin orange everything, but i do appreciate some spice in my life. while i also love summer and i push the florals and bold colours for as long as i can, hahaha! :D

    happy october!

    Animated Confessions

    1. hahahahah you're in between both, luv it!!! same to you, happy october!!


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