Sunday, 12 October 2014


have some pun-queens!
(What kind of pumpkins are these???- Turban pumpkins)
aman x sam

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

French corner

welcome to french corner! 
today's expression : « ĂȘtre libre comme l'air » = to be free as a bird

we're proud to describe you fellow l.u.b.ers like this 
vous ĂȘtes libre comme l'air ! 
much love xx
sam & aman

psst! when saying this to your friend it changes a bit..

tu es libre comme l'air (you are free as a bird)

Paranormal LUB-ing activity!

the crisp cold air has called out creatures that roam around disturbing the natural balance of things. we can all feel them around us especially horses….. 

"haaaaaaay guys….. there is something behind me isn't there!?!"

"oooo what wassssssh dat?"

happy humpday!- aman x sam