Monday, 15 September 2014



          Hey guys! Welcome to L.U.B! We are so happy to see your face (we can't but you get the idea)! We won't question why and how you got here, as we are aware (it has been pointed out to us by several concerned individuals) that our blog name hints toward the naughty stuff that people watch on the interweb. So if you came for those reasons, we are sorry to inform you that you will be disappointed. Unless your hunger can be satisfied by provocative pictures of rocks, trees and such, you should stick around cause' we got you homes! 

          So to answer your question, "what in the freakin' sweet potatoes fries (yum!) is this L.U.B?" Well, this is it! In the literal sense, "L.U.B (lift ur bum) simply implies to the notion of lifting your buttocks off a surface like a chair. However, to us it holds a slightly different meaning, as it represents an act that works internally to lift yourself above to embrace the imperfections of life and find beauty in them. 

                                                       You might be thinking, "k cool ummm… so why should I read diiisssss?"

          Well, don't have a crap attack (if you got this reference you are our soul sister)! The  entire reason why we are doing this blog is to brighten somebody's day or to just bring a smile on somebody's face. So if you ever have a craving for some happy thoughts and feelings, just come over and we will fix you up a delicious plate of joy with some cookies and a glass of milk; if you are lactose-intolarant we also got soy and almond! We are here looking out for you boos, just hala and we can grab breakfast! Ohh a little about us, we are two best friends who cannot stand still to take a decent picture so sorry if our gifs cause you to have a seizure! ohhh we can't forget our girl Miley who changed the butt game for all…..

                                                                                                                 Work it, twerk it guurl!!

and here are some photos of us tryin' to look glamorous…..






  1. Amazing images! :)

  2. He he loving the concept!!! I already heard about LUB before, it works ;) :) xoxo

  3. Haha that's cool! Great post! =D
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  4. ha! i love those gifs!!! totally made my day!

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    1. you are so kind! thank you so much!

    2. SO cute!! Love this concept -- color me inspired =)

    3. Thank you Jessica! I love your blog! Fangirling over here!! omg


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